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Before you begin to shop for a new home, you should set up a time to meet (in person or over the phone) with a Massachusetts Police Association Discount Mortgage staff member, so we can figure out how much of a home you can afford. This will put you in a better position as a buyer.

Getting pre-approved for a loan gives you a competitive advantage when the time comes to bid on a home because you have been approved for a loan for a specified amount.

Once the pre-approval process is complete, you will receive a pre-approval certificate indicating the amount your lender is willing to lend you for your home. A pre-approval certificate is not binding on the lender; it is subject to an appraisal of the home you wish to purchase and certain other conditions. If your financial situation changes (e.g. you lose your job), interest rates rise or a specified expiration date passes, your lender must review your situation and recalculate your mortgage amount accordingly.

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